Monday, October 24, 2011

Ghost stories to be share online..

Hi peeps..

As you all know,i love to write and search. Therefore,i'm opening another blog. On that blog itself,i'm gonna write all my ghost stories experiences and i'll share some of the ghost stories from other resourses. If have u any ghost stories,u can email me and i can share them too. Your ghost stories must be real. U can send multiple entries. You can send it to
Writing's must be in English or Malay. Alternatively,u can also read ghost stories from Those stories are real, And if u're Malay,u can also listen to RIA 897FM..every Mon to Fri starting from 12am to 2am in the morning. The DJ have alot of ghost stories to tell u. But it's in malay. Therefore,i urged u send me your stories so that i can publish it. As well,as we can read it. (:
As well,u can add me on FB for more inquries. (:

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