Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Newly married couples..

Hi everyone! (: Pwincessfafa is back again!...It's been weeks since i last wrote on my blog. Due to my cousin's wedding and preparation on the wedding itself. Although it's been tiring for me,i had a great weekend last week! (: I was very happy to meet my grandma's from Melaka. They come all the way from melaka to singapore just to see my cousin's getting married. They arrived on sat and make their way home on sun afternoon. It's sad to see them go. :( I miss them so much. To cut the conversation there,i meet baby Aniq Mikail. (: Omg..he's damn so cute. He's my cousin's son. Don't u think he's adorable? I even had my chance to put him to sleep. (: I patted this back and he sleep's on my shoulder! Aww..this is so cute. If i had a child,i certainly love my child! I love babies! So adorable and huggable! :D I stayed there until 6pm,then i make my way home. After the wedding is all done. Relief. hehes. And for now,i think the couple is going on a honeymoon. woah...i pray that they go safely and come back safely. Have a save trip to krabi! Lastly,i would like to say..

Selamat pengatin baru
Nurina & Ahmad Yazid (:
The newly married couples.!

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