Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bedok Reservoir case no 6!

And so..they said,they found the 6th body at Bedok Reservoir. So,whats had singapore become into? Bedok Reservoir is not a place to commit suicide. It's a place for people to jog and do fishing. Not a place of hell. I myself is so shocked to hear this news. Besides,there are condominium's circulating the area. And i dont think people would buy a house that i near a reservoir that i cursed or haunted?  Sorry to say this ok? But,if u think carefully,would people wana buy a house that is closed to a place where there is alot of drowning/suicide cases? Certainly,i would say "no". Since this incident,Bedok Reservoir is becoming a trend of people tweeting about it on twitter.
So,c'mon people..there is so much things that u can do in life. Why waste it like that?
What do u get when u die? Medal? Gold? Certificate? No! It's a short cut way to HELL.
I've heard stories of Bedok is being haunted. What's next? Kranji reservoir? Why choose bedok reservoir,out of so many place in singapore? The number of death in singapore is increasing. From people doing "skydiving"...drowning..people died in homes...accidents? Ok,if u all come to there a cerial killer?  Or whatever it spells. Or a ghost of those people who had drown there come back and haunt people? Even the police also have no idea why? Oh pls..this is so sickening!
I do hope,there are no more suicide cases at bedok reservoir..and this would be the last. Dont add it on people. Seriously..

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