Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Breaking Dawn & Meet my old friend!!

Breaking dawn was the best movie ever! It had more actions then saying. <3 I just watch this show yesterday. (28/11/11) yeah. I watch it with my cousin. :D We had a great time watching! #TeamJacob! I love the scene when bella got married to Edward cullen. And i love it when she say's "Dont be a coward"...hahas! And the awfull scene is when bella had to drink blood. And jacob was saying "Omg,i'm getting sick." haha!!I wana watch Breaking Dawn again pls? '_' But yeah. It's interesting movie! I watch at plaza singapura. Damn! Too many people watching it yesterday. I even dreamt about jacob. hehes! He's so so cute! I agree to what my cousin was saying.."the wolf's can cut their heads off"! OMG! The wolf's scene was so scary. :/ I'm not a fan of twilight,but this movie is way too interesting for me.! I got home almost 8pm. I happened to meet my girlfriend! Aisyah,was my ITE friend. She become my best friend since the first day of school! :D I miss her so much!! She always cheer me up. We even have our diary's! (: It was my best day ever! #MemoriesICanNeverForget...

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