Friday, November 4, 2011

I smile endlessly...

Dear diary,
                   Firstly,i wana say...i'm back. I've not been updating since last week. I was busy with stuff's. My grandma is staying with us. So i was a little bit busy. Entertaining her. Ok,let's get back to me,with my stories. I find myself weird these days. I get angry at times,throwing my anger at my little niece and the people at home. I'm just like you people,which has emotions and feelings. The feeling of being angry,sad,happy ect. Well,i think it's because of my menses. I have the right to be angry at times. I'm sorry everyone. ='( My bad. My little niece cried when i scolded her. She is sick. And yet,she doesn't wana eat medications..dont wana sleep. Haiss. You know,little kids are always like that. She always sticks to my maid. Running around catching her. Yeah. But,my maid is going home this month. On the 18th November. How sad :'( I'll miss her. Hmm...just wandering if my little niece will cry? mum,she's upset too. Come to think of it,my sister wants to take another maid. My mum might has to go operation. In january next year. it's because her cancer has spread. I'm concern. I'm afraid of losing her. I'll pray to Allah for her speedy recovery. My love life! I can really tell you...i miss him so much! I wish i could fly to his home and be with him. I got no wings yeah. I know,i've not been talking to him,cause of my temper. Sorry dear. I need to be cool down first. I'm sure things will be ok soon after. No matter what,i'll still be with you. In your heart,where ever i go ur name...i'll always bring. Excactly,when i miss you..i view OUR pictures. I smile endlessly,as i remember our special moments. You're the one for me,and no other's. You're my first love and the last. No matter how far you're from me,you're close in my heart. Everyday i love you. It's just you,only you. I want to be with you forever.I love you more than words can explain. Thanks for the video that you posted in fb. (: I dont even wana care about those people who said about us. No matter what,you're still the one that i love. I care about you and yes,you and me forever. I want you to know that,i'll be there for you if u need me. I'll stay forever by ur side. Loves. <3 Please dont break your promises. And dont ever leave me cause it hurts. :'( Totally hurts. I sayang u always. (:

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