Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Since the day u left..

Dear diary,
                   Today is not my day. :'( I feel so lonely at home. No one around. My maid had gone back home. Just today. (8/11/2011) Now,only left with my mum and me. And that's all. I miss her so much. Today she's not here anymore. I felt like crying. I cant forget about her. Her looks,face is still in my mind. I really need her so much. But now,i had to be independent. I really cant depend on her anymore. All the housework,i have to do all by myself now. Starting from today onwards. Kak ina,thanks for everything that u did for my family. We will miss u. Especially the kids. Hannah,sofia..
If they come here,confirm they will asked about you. What am i supposed to say? Hannah will understand why. But what about sofia? She is still small kak. ='(  She will cry,looking for you...she's close to you..From the moment you left..i felt like crying. But i hold my tears back. Kak,rumah nie sunyi. Tkde org ketawe2..tkde org bual2 lagy..tkde budak2. ='( Cume tinggal FaRaH dengan Ibu je. Ibu sedih,bila kak ina balik. Besok,farah dgn ibu nak cari kak ina. Kat embassy. Barang kak ina ada tertinggal. Baju,telekong..jam..masih ada kat sini. Haiss. Ibu masih kangen bangat sama kak ina. FaRaH jugak kak. Kak,farah minta maaf kalau ada salah silap yang farah buat. Halalkan makan dan minum ye kak. FaRaH rindu kakak. ='( Selamat tinggal kak.. (u)

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