Friday, November 11, 2011

Today's date is special. Cause it only happened one time in many2 years!

Today's date is 11/11/11
And many couples are getting married on this very special day..
Did you make your wish on this day 11/11/11 on 11.11am?
Well,i miss it. Coz,i was busy helping my mum do the housework.
Since my ___ when home.
I dont wana say her name or here her name anymore.
It makes me wana slap her face. Wanna know why?
It's because she hurt my mum alot. I mean not by putting something in her food or what so ever. She lied to my mum and i didn't even know she had a BOYFRIEND here.
I taught she was nice. But,when we found out the whole truth...
my mum nearly wana JUMP from the 12th floor. Phewww...
Lucky she didnt. For the sake of her children.
She cried for 2 nights and she doesnt even eat anything when my sister told her so..
Actually,she is still in singapore. At the agency. Served her right..
My brother-in-law send her back there,coz he's very angry..
And all the photo's that she took of our family...
We deleted off her handphone..
So,now..i dont wana talk about her anymore.
I take it as if i never knew her.
So..i've been very tired and busy nowadays.
I have to do housework. Yeah. Includes,washing the clothes( the washing machine did it for me...hehe) sweeping the floor,mopping the :D
I'm a girl,and i've grown up...
I need to do the housework from now on...
We are not hiring any more maid i think...
coz,my mum doesnt want too..
It's my duty to send her to the hospital..
and taking care of her.
She might need to go for operation..
Cause her cancer spread..
I always pray that she will recover soon,and dont have to go operation..
Ok,peeps..i'll see u ard then!

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