Sunday, November 20, 2011

What did i do wrong? :'(

Dear diary,
                   What did i do wrong? My friends are avoiding me these days. :'( But why? Did i say anything wrong? If i did,i'm sorry. I'm so lonely these days. I tired to put on a smile on my face. But it's gone. No matter how hard i tired,it's too much difficult for me. Fake smile can hide everything. Only my cousin's understand how i feel. And my grandma too. I'm forever a loner. It's ok. I understand that some of my friends are busy until they avoid me. I don't feel like myself already. Even my bestie who is studying at australia is also avoiding me. You people dont even care how i feel. You all ignore me like i'm a stone. I'm not a part time friend. When u need me,i'll always be there for you. But when i need u all? Confirm plus chop,u all will make excuses. I'll always understand that u all busy. But do u even understand me? You step in my life,then u walk out just like that. I'm a human with feelings. Not a robot with no feelings. You just cant come and go as u please. I've nothing eles to say already. I'm totally upset.
It's not my day today. K bye. :'(

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