Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Changes in my body...

 This is how my estate looks like at night. Yes,it's at night. In singapore. I may not be the best photographer,but yes i kinda like taking photos. Well...i love to edit photos too! (: The reasons why i love to blog is because it's a way for me to express my feelings in my blog. At times,when i've no mood..i'll always write in my blog about it. Although i may choose to say it. Words,cant last forever.A sentence,is just a phrase until u proved it. It's 11.40pm when i started blogging. I just dont know why i cant sleep at night. I always sleep so late. I just couldnt get my eyes shut. Everytime when i sleep i will wake up every one hour. What's happening to me? If this still continues on,shall i go and see a doctor? It's been days since i was like this. I've been getting headache and backache from time to time. What's wrong with my body? My period is irregular. It comes to late than usual cycle. Urrgh. I never had this kind of problems before. I've been getting dizzy spells,when i have my period. Usually i'll have this stomach cramps. I've check with the doctor,gone for x-tray. But it show's nothing? I've been going through a surgery before. That's for my pains. Its already fine. But now,it started back again? It might be due,that i've been doin' heavy household chores. My doctor remind me,that i shouldn't do heavy stuff durin' my period..because it might be affecting my stomach. But i didnt listen tho. I just carry on doin'..for the sake of my mum. I've no other options. My sister taught of hiring a maid. But mum didnt allow to. Cause she's afraid that the same thing might be happening again. I am concerned about her condition too. My mum needs support from her daugther's and son. Soon,we have to move of from north-east estate. Yeah. I'm going to shift house. Still dont know where. ok,i got dizzy spells right now. :( I just couldn't continue on blogging...my head feels heavy. :'( Ya allah. =( I need to sleep now. Nights.

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