Friday, December 16, 2011

A trip to the singapore zoo..

It was a humid day plus a cold weather. I visited the animal's in the zoo on monday. (12/11/11) I didn't go alone. There were 5 of us. My sister,my brother in-law,my niece,mum and me. We left for the zoo in the mornin'. My niece,sofia was so excited. She's been askin' us to go to the zoo since last week. (: But we didn't go,due to the bad weather. It's rainin'. I had an enjoyable time there. We first had our breakfast at Ah meng's coffee. The zoo,was then very crowded. It was school holiday season. So,there are many childrens visitin' the zoo. I was amused at the price ticket that they sold. One admission ticket cost $20 per person. For aldults. So,in the end my sister paid the tickets for me and my mum. It cost $40 altogther. So expensive! My sister,took the zoo family package. So that she and her family can go in the zoo as and went she like. She's a zoo member. (: To cut the short and get straight to the point..we entered the zoo. The girrafe! hehe. We feed the girrafe. $5 to feed the girrafe. But yes,girrafe eat's CARROTS. I was a little scared. The zookeeper asked me to stand near the girrafe. I was nervous! My hands are shackin'! Too scared uh. But i could calm myself down. (: I love animal's. But mine favourite animal is penguin! It's the only bird that can live on land,but cant fly. My niece took a chance to play the kidzworld. (: Yes,there is a playground in the zoo meant for kids. (: So played about 20mins. I can tell from her face that she super excited! XD I got bored at the i snap a picture of myself. hehes. While she was havin' her fun. It was nice to see the view from the zoo. After so much of playin'...she was put in her baby pram. And...she fell asleep. zzz...She was too tired i guess. After all,we ended our trip with a happy smile. I was very tired but i really had an enjoyable trip to the singapore zoo! (:

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