Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cable Car Ride

Hello everyOne! :) I'm back once's again...
I just love the way,my life goes on...
It's been like 3months,since me and him met.
It's was a finally called off,when we meet on monday. (:
I meet him at 1130am at Serangoon MRT..
He decided to plan the journey to HarbourFront MRT...
We reach at VivoCity at 12pm. (:
We spend the time walkin' and enjoyin' ourselves with the breeze of the sea.
He wanted to took,the cable car.
But i told him,that i never took the cable car before...
It's OuR First Time takin' the Cable Car..
The Ticket was $26 plus i think...
We was actually findin' the place,to take the Cable Car..
Until we find it...
It was finally we bought OuR ticket's!! :D
After buyin' the tickets,we proceed to the 15th level of the floor..
And to OuR suprise,i almost get a shocked.
It was scary moved. We both pray to god, before we step into the Cable Car..
And it was OuR first Ride!!
My hands when icy-cold. I was NerVous..
But we enjoy the ride!!
When we looked down,seriously...
it's so high!! More scarier than takin' the Singapore flyer..
At least Singapore flyer wasn't scary at all..
I've took the Singapore flyer before..
Not even scary,because u can see almost the whole singapore!!
I've so much fun..with the laughter and all..
The most enjoyable day i had with him..
Will be forever,be rememebered..
FreakyFafaOfficial?? hehes..
Best Couple EveR!! :D
I had those happy moments with him..
I couldnt bear to lose him..
Cause he's my TrueLove..
He's my last love..
Till the end..

Your mine true love and the last...
There's no other guy,which i felt for...
You're my only one..
Together forever.. <3

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