Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye 2011,welcome 2012!! (:

Hey people!! It's already the lst of january 2012!!
2011 has left us yesterday. So,goodbye 2011.
We welcome's a brand new year...
So let's start afresh..
What are your New Year resolutions?
What do you wana do?
I'm lookin' forward,on becomin' a facilitator.
I love workin' with children's.
I wana try somethin' new..
I wana try outdoor activites...
I wana expend my social circle...
I wana do some work,so that i can gain some experiences.
Im strong to tell myself that,let 2011 left me behind sweet and bitter memories..
But i wana make 2012,more memoriable...
I wana see the new me...
Im lookin' forward,to get involved in the society..
I wana see who is the REAL ME...
There's so many thin' i wana do this year..
But i'll do it step by step..
I do hope,everthin' will be fine!! (:

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