Wednesday, February 1, 2012

All about work,work and work

Hey peeps..!
             I'm back once's again to blog. It's been 2 weeks since i last update anythin' in my blog. I was so busy workin' until late night. I was workin' full time as a service crew at swensens. Now,i'm workin' part-time. My boss want me to changed to part-time,because of my health. He say's that if he see that my condition is improvin'..he will put me as a full-time service crew again. (: I made some new friends at work. Lisa,jonathan,minh,hazwani,joyce,Le Ling,huda,farhan and khalil. They are super nice. I've 3 manager. Heng,jie ying (JJ),wilson and shabeer(blur sotong). hehes. I've one supervisor. A new supervisor. I forgot what is his name. He doesnt speak english so alot. He's new and he needs some help.

Today is the 1st of febuary of 2012. I just started workin' as a part-time from today onwards. My boss just gave me my pay yesterday. 31/01/12. I got $600 plus. My mum just gave me back my bank book and my ATM card! Yay! Wana know why she took my atm card? Cause i lost it once's before. And i make a new one and she took it from me until i got a permanent job. :D Yeah! Alhamdullilah..i managed to go to the bank after work today because i need to withdraw money and deposit money into my own bank account. I made my way to hougang mall OCBC bank to withdraw money first. Then i go to POSB bank to save the money into my own bank book. Now,if u wana save money..u need your IC to do so. Cause they are afraid that some people will used your bank account. To be excact,Fraud. I was so lucky that tomm i work at 6pm. 2/02/12. Nice date!! :D I was catchin' up with those show's that i miss from last week  on I havent yet finish watchin' some i guess. Tomm mornin' need to follow my mum to the atm machine to draw some $. hehes. At least im workin' at 6pm. Still have alot of time to help her. Oh ya. Mum said i only can used my work $. Then from the rest of $ she's always the one who save up for me. So,if she finds out that i've used that $...i'm in hot boiling soup. I think im gona used some of the $ to pay for somethin'. Then the rest i keep. I dont wana be thrifty. I spend on what i need and the things are worth it. Not those things that is not worth it anyway. I wana get iphone 4s,but my brother wanted to gave me his iphone 4. He's havin' iphone 4s later on. Jealous sey. :( But nvm...i still bersyukur that Allah has given to me was i had. Praise Allah :D Ok,la..i've to go now. I'll update again someday..insya'allah..


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