Friday, February 17, 2012

Holding me down? Think again...

I got jealous everytime i saw a paramedic. Not jealous because of they are pretty or handsome. I was just jealous because i couldnt be like them. I've always wanted to become a paramedic,as i've said on my previous post. I've always wanted to save lifes,since i was in sec sch. It's making me jealous because of them. ='( Something crack up ystd. But i dont wana make it big. Mentionin' it's makin' me upset over it. But from today onwards..i promise i'll be a strong person and i'll fight against all odds that is against me. Nothing is holding me down. For now,i need more support. I promise myself,i wont get upset because of anything. I'll take it as an advise. Thanks to the paramedic,who make me realised it. Even tho we fail in life,we get up and start again. No matter what. Btw,thanks abg medic. You're so kind. If im down,can i come to you and talk things out? (: I do hope so. I do hope u dont mind. (: Thanks for listening to my stories again. Sorry kalau menyusahkan abg...cause i disturb u while ur workin'...May Allah bless you.. (:

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