Monday, February 13, 2012

I kept on smiling for no reason...

Hey all!
        Sorry if i dont have time to update my blog. I'm so busy with work. I've to run here and there. Busy like hell. Ohya...i've changed to part-time service swensens. So that means,my woring shelude will changed. At some point of time,i'll  not work cause there is enough people working. So,tomm is Valentine's day! (14/02/12) I'll be celebrating with my love <3
I'll be bringing him to somewhere..
But i've yet to decide. hehes.
Stress at the moment...
So i think,by tonight i'll decide...
After i watch my show..
Hmm...i havent crack my mind up yet..
But i still want to suprise him..
Ohya..i paid for my valentine's day cake already! Yay!
My manager kindly gave me discount..
from paying $18.60..i only pay $12.66...
Thanks to my manager! (:
And my ex-manager gave me a flower.
Not Only me have...
The rest of the girl's also have. (:
He gave it to me because today is v'day eve. (:
Still by now,i kept on smiling for no reason...
haha...Maybe it reminds me of uu...
I made new friends today. 2 new friends.
They are extremely funneh!
I must say that they are also like me,
just started work a few months.
Hmm..i didnt realised that i've work for them
for 2 months hor..hehe...
That means,i've alot to learn and catch up from them..
even tho,i've been scolded many times..
but that doesnt means im at my lowest point in life.
Getting scolded from them makes me stronger...
Cause i can learn my mistakes and never to repeat them again
in the future. Well..i should learn from him... (:
Ok peeps..i've to go now...
Take Care! XoXo!!...

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