Monday, February 6, 2012

The medic i Once's knew...

Hello everyone!
          I'm back to update my blog!! After watching Rescue 995 on channel 8 today,i just feel like becoming a paramedic. Well,i love to safe people's life. Although i have to safe mine life too. hehes. Yeah. That was my biggest dreams when i was still in secondary school. I've always dream to be a medic. But i just cant be one. Cause it was all my fault for not studying hard enough. But yeah. I didnt get the course i really wanted in ITE. But hell yeah. There's some more other ways to be a medic. Hmm..talking about a paramedic..i have a friend who is a medic,but all of a sudden he just dont wana communicate with me anymore. I couldnt reach him. sms or email he never even reply me. =( We lost contact with each other. I knew i was stupid in trusting that medic so much. In the end he did this to me. He always cheers me up,during my down days. Sometimes,even went he is busy at work..he will sms me. But the day he left,is just like he had print a footprint in my life then walk away just like that. Maybe that was just his attention to be part in my life. DUUH! I didnt even care at all...let him do as he like. I dont even contact with him anymore. you,i wish you all the best in life and wish u had a fullfilling life. All the best for ur future MR SHAZNI....
*P.S I can still rmb ur name ok*

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