Wednesday, February 15, 2012

OuR Valentine's day walk at henderson waves!

Happy Valentine's day Sayang!! <3
It was 14/02/12...and it's valentine's day...
As we know,in islam it is forbidden to celebrate valentine's day...
But,on the special occasion...we celebrate Our 1 year and 4 months anniversary.
I bought him to my work place to eat dinner first. I paid for everythin'....
Then after dinner,we proceed to vivo city. Wanna know why we are at vivo city?
Cause i wana gave him a suprise. Actually,i bought him to my secret place...
The place where i bring him to is "Henderson Waves"...
At first,i was determine that i knew the place. But we got of at the wrong bus-stop.
But...i realised the place was just ONE bus-stop away from where we got off!
And we run towards it!!
We had to climb the stairs...and i sweat so much! It was an excersice after all.
hehes. Finally we reach at the place!!
The smile on our face..didnt vanished...
We simply enjoy our day there...taking pictures..and enjoyin' the cool
breeze of air. After that we go to vivo city skypark.
I had so much laughter...and suddenly it ended in tears..
='( I dont wana say it here..
Syg...i miss you so much...
I love u too. Muacks... <3

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