Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Painful Moments = Trust Allah

I'm just a nobody to uu. I'm just a total stranger to uu. I'm just an outsider to uu. But u will never understand. That's ok...Maybe i should have just leave u alone...i know,i'm just a burden to uu. It's fine with meee. I hope uu know,that i care for uu. I'm also worried about uu. Even tho,i just know uu. I hope uu wouldn't mind that i care...cause that is what friends are forr...uu are always in my prayers..and i pray to Allah that uu are safe and uu can stay strong...i hope Allah answered all my prayer's....as uu know,i have no mood to eat,cause i was thinkin' of uu... ="(

I just realised,that no matter how small or major the problem is...Allah is always wih us...He's watching us. He need us to stay strong and persevere all the way. Every problem has it's own way to solved it. It's just the matter of how wee handle it. Whenever we are stressed,say "subhannallah"...Say urr prayer's..Istifar..breathe in and out. Close ur eyes and think positive. Allah will guide uu to the right path. "Allahuma yassir wa laa tu'assir" . "Ya Allah, mudahkanlah (segala urusan kami) jangan dipersulit"...Painful Moments = Trust Allah. Do urr daliy prayer's. Insya'allah..there's a will and there's a way. Allah maha berkuasa dan maha adil. Insya'allah ada jalan keluar. Doa yang terbaik...bersabar....Allah sayang orang yang sabar dan kuat imannya. Sesuatu yang terjadi pasti ada hikmahnya...

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