Thursday, March 1, 2012

All the naggin' session.....

Hello peeps! It's been so long since i ever updated my blog. I've no mood to blog nowadays.'s the first day of march 2012. Wow! That's fast.! I just got my pay from swensens. Damn. I had it low. Much more,i got a naggin' session by my mum today. Wanna know why? It's because i over spend my $$$...on my first salary. She dont expect me to spend over $300 plus dollars. And i got all the naggin' session from her. After all the naggin'...i promise her that i wont spend unnessarily. So,for my this 2nd pay...i wont spend anymore. Cause recently i withdraw $100,and i still have the money with me. So,i shouldn't be too thrifty on $$. I was kinda sad too. But aniwae it's ok la. It's my punishment for that too. lol. I should learn how to save $$ from now onwards. I promise! I'm lookin' for a part-time job too. sighs...hard to find one these days. But i'll slowly look for the right type of job for me. !

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