Thursday, March 22, 2012

A free ambulance gentin' lane..

It was a humid weather yesterday. I was out with irah,when unexpected things happened. I meet irah at 12pm,at serangoon station for lunch. I've nothin' on mind..on what to have for lunch. So,we combed around the shoppin' mall for a few mins..before we could even decide on what to have. After much,considerations..we decided to have pastamanian for lunch ! We walked in the restraunt and the waitress gave us the menu. I couldn't decide on the food items. Much after that,i decided to have Basil Chicken Aglio Pasta,and my drinks will be strawberry soda. After orderin' our food at the counter,we sit down and wait for our food to be served. I didnt managed to finished up my food,because i was too full. I had my breakfast in the mornin' before i went out. That was why i didnt finished up my food. The food was wasted by me. It's ok. (: I love the strawberry soda ! It was super nice ! So,after we had our lunch...we went to serangoon central to photocopy my IC. Much after that,we make our way to potong pasir mrt. It was only 1.45pm. I only had my interview at 3pm. But to me,it's rather that we start our journey there,cause i'm not very familiar with the place...So,irah and me...was findin' our way to gentin' lane. She was supposed to accompanied me to gentin' lane,for me to go for interview. As the weather was so hot,we have to walk and the traffic light...make problem for us. We waited for the green man,for at least a min! As we reaslied that we walked the wrong way,she help me to asked passerby if they know the way to gentin' lane. But none of them knew. In the end,we make our way back to potong pasir mrt,to look at the map. Then....somethin' happened. My head is takin' me for a spin. My hands went numb. I feel like vommitin'. Irah,took me to the toliet immediately. I throw everythin' out! I feel quite better after that..but my head is still spinin'. I wanted to continue walkin'...but my legs..went like jelly. I was seein' double vision...there were 2 police officer's approachin' us. They asked if i was ok. Suddenly,i fell onto the floor,and i don't know what happened to me for a few mins. I woke up...and i knew..they have called for an ambulance. Much after the ambulance crew examine me,i told them..i dont want to go to the hospital. To cut the story short,they asked me..where was i headin' to. I told them that i was goin' to gentin' lane..but we lost our way. oh ya,not forgettin' abt the mrt staff who help me. They were worried abt me i guess. We made our moved. I was findin' for directions. In the end..the paramedic send us to gentin' lane! Guess what? Free ride in the ambulance! Irah told me,that it was her first time bein' inside the ambulance! I was rather shocked ! Seriously...hehe. We arrived at the location. I thank the paremedic who saved me,and send us there. But i dont know from which fire station they come from. If not,i can write to them and they can see the post at the SCDF website. I think they are from sengkang fire station or braddel heights fire post. Aniwae,thanks heros! (:
SCDF ambulance. U will never know,what's inside..
The Life Savin' Force! :D
I'm workin' at cheers! The first retail job that i ever did. (:
This is my first job...take it easy on me!

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