Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy MoMents

Hey peeps! I'm back after so long. I'll update on what is needed to be updated. (: Firstly,i would like to say that...i've a nephew! (: A new born baby boy...his name is Asher Raiyan. (: He's still 0 months. He's so cute! :D Good news again...i've finally found a job! At cheers! I'm doin' part-time. And i'm so happy to be able to work again. I'm a trainee. I'll start work probably on mon or tues. I'm not sure about the date yet. I need to sign a form first. So,yeah! This is my first time workin' in a retail line. I was from F&B line...but i've resign. So...i headed from JB this mornin'...with my aunty.! And i bought myself a book! A malay Novel. Tittle of the book is "Ombak Rindu"...written by fauziah Ashari. I love to read,and i'm a bookworm. (: I'm gona start readin' soon! After headin' for JB,we are back in s'pore! My aunty visited my sister cause they want to see kakak baby boy! When i come,sofia was sleepin' and Raiyan too. Both were fast asleep. Sofia slept from 1 plus nearly to 4 plus then she wakes up! She was to tired i guess. Cause the grandma bring her to the playground in the mornin'...and she's so happy! hehes.! So,tomm i'll be goin' out with aisyah! My bestie! (: yay! I've to sleep early,cause tomm i meetin' her 12pm. If not i cant wake up. But yet,i still have to chat with my friend before i sleep. so...peace out yeah!

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