Friday, March 9, 2012

Life as it goes on..

Good Evenin' everyone...
                                                           Im back again to update what is needed to be updated. It's been such a long time since i ever update in my blog. I've been feelin' to restless and frustrated these days. I cant even had a good sleep at night. Less appitite in eatin'. I dont know why suddenly i just lacked of energy these days. I'm lookin' for another job. Yes,i'm jobless. ='( I've been so moody and feelin' disoriented. Only Allah know's how i feel. Maybe it's just because that i just finished my menses or feelin' a little upset. It's like i'm in the lowest point in my life. I can smell dead "rats"....if u know what i mean. These days,if u noticed that im abit emo. Not anti-social ok. I'm emo-in'. Well,i couldn't find the reason why. It's not that everytime this happened. Right now,im tryin' to find a way out. I keep on prayin'...every single day w/o fail. I do hope this life would changed one day. I want a perfect picture of it. Let me asked u this question.. "What would u do if that someone who can make u stop cryin' is the one that makes u cry?" You feel hurt isn't it? Poeple say "The pain is temporary. But it will last a min,a few sec,an hour or even a year. But if i let it last forever."....And it hurts like's more painful than a heartbreak....worst to worst,the feelin' is still there..

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