Sunday, April 1, 2012

I can never be perfect

I'm sorry i can never be perfect. one is perfect either. I'm NOT perfect.
Let's get back to my story. I still cant forget another round of my life story that happened One week ago,on the 29/03/12. It's the day,that i could remember for the rest of my life. Permanently. I didnt choose to remember it. Memories,will be memories. I don't wana say it here,cause it's my privacy and it's confidential. What i can say is,i'm sorry to trouble the people which i've cause them. I didn't mean to trouble them,but thin's happened this way. What is done,cannot be undone. Rizal. Yes,the ______ name...which i can remember till forever. Dont worry,i'm not his friend. It was just a concidence. Nothin' special about him. I just wana thank him,for everythin'. I cant thank him,when it happened...but i wana thank him..for all the things that he had done. I just feel like i'm troublin' him. :( Sorry...i dont meant to trouble you. sighs... :/ Thank you once's again...

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