Monday, April 23, 2012

Pleasure outings !

Assalamualaikum !! :D It's been a long time since i ever update my blog. It's not that i dont have time to update,but i've other things to settle with. Last week,i was at my sister place. I slept over at her house,for 3 days. And for that 3 days,we went out shopping. We went to Marina Square,Vivo city and Nex shopping centre. My sister bought some clothes. While i bought my own things. hehe. :D The first day,we went out to eat at Nex. We had Mad Jack. The food is not nice. The customer service is bad. The food serving took so long. My sis order the Beef burger,and the burger is half cook. There's alot of blood in it. My sis only ate half of it. My food also the same. The chicken is cooked with blood in it. Yikesss...!! I didnt finished up my food in the end. Wasted right ? Swensens is way better. The food wont take long. I dont recommend Mad Jack to people. Seriously. Even my sis said that. The food not nice. Ok,then then next day,we went to Marina Square. My sis bought her desired dress and she bought me clothes too. hehe. Thanks ! :D Then...the next day,off we went to Vivo city ! We had pastamania for lunch....hehes. What a joyful day. And at last we went home,with a big smile. :D I was so tired after much and i had 2hr nap. hehe...i enjoyed going out with my sis cause she will buy me things. Hmm...i miss someone badly for now. :( It's been month's since we last meet. Sighs...Insya'allah,we'll meet one day. :D  <3 Actually i've alot to tell uu,but i'll write this one out first. And the rest later. I need to crack up my brain of what to write. :D

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