Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thanks for the memories ! :D

Just take a look at the pictures. It's just another,Neo Print. (: This was taken 7 years back. The memories,still lingers' in my mind. Irah,Dinah,Me. (: I look different in the picture,than now right  There's so many things that i missed about the picture. My hair !! I just want that hair back.  lol. The smile. ! I look so cubby. Honestly,i cant even recognised myself in this picture. Nah,this was 7 years ago. Not now. Dinah,you seriously,look so different. Your specs ! OMG ! Irah...ur hair. Compared to now,you look really diff. :D Alot of memories....
In a midst of writing....i ran out of ideas of what to write in...bleargh. hehe :P

Thanks for the memories..i hope,we can be best friends...till forever k? Love u people !! :D

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