Monday, April 16, 2012

when life knock's u down...

Peace be with you. (: It's been such a long time since i updated my blog. Been upset nowadays. Dont worry,i'll just be fine. (: Inysa'allah. "When life knock's you down,you are in the perfect condition to pray"...Something happened,in life. I lost someone in my life. My best friend. She died in an accident. I was with her,through out the whole thing. In 19 years of my life,this is the first time i watched someone took their last breath..right infront of my eyes. I was so sad,and i couldn't control my tears. Only Allah know's how i feel right now. Allah lebih sayangkan dier. So,i've to let it go. It break's my heart,when i see her mum cried out so loud and hugged her daughter. I couldnt stop blaming myself for everything that happened that day. I wish i could turn back time. But,what is done..cant be undone. For Arwah,i'll always include uu in my prayers dan semonga Allah tempatkan kamu di kalangan orang2 yang beriman. Amin. 

Subhannallah. I managed to meet one of my primary school friend. It's been so long time since i met her. But last week,i met her ! We went out to tampines,and we go jalan2 there. We wanted to watch movie,but the timin' doesnt allow us. In the end we Nex Serangoon to watch movie. (: We watched Mirror Mirror ! :D The show was so funny and i kept on laughing. At least,it burden my sadness. Today,i visited my grandma. I miss her. She cried,when we visited her. Maklumlah..nenek saya dah lupa-lupa. She keep on repeatin' her sentence. I pray that she will recover soon. Inysa'allah. Ok la,i'm off for now. (: I'm extremly hungry ! :D


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