Friday, May 11, 2012

Awesomeness !

Hello everyone ! :D It's been a long time since i ever updated my blog. Now,let me start by writing in.
Last week,i was out with my friend. I accompanied her,to her friends wedding. Then after that,we went to Nex Serangoon. We had early dinner ! haha. At swensens. She paid for it. We were in our Baju kurung..hehe. :P Although many people,stare at us. But we just smile. hehe. After we had our dinner,we walk around the mall and we decided catch a movie. We wanted to watch The Avengers,but the timing is too late for us. So,after much considerations..we watched "BattleShip".
She bought the tickets,and she paid for it. I should thank her for everything ! You know,we watched the movie at shaw theatres. And the ticket is very expensive. $10.50. per entry. But
indeed. We paid for it.
( Battleship. At Nex Serangoon. See the price. Expensive isn't it? )
BattleShip is Awesome ! :D I rate the movie 100/100 . But it can give people a heart attack. Cause of the bomb. Woah. Aliens invading. haha. The show is almost like transformers. hehe :P
It's a 2hrs show. After it ended,we headed straight back home. The movie ended around 6 plus. I reach home,almost 7pm. Thank you dear for treating me ! Next time i treat you k ! :D
Loves !
(This is the colour of the baju kebaya that i've wear,on that day. This pic was taken at the upper story of the mall. hehe )

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