Saturday, May 19, 2012

Big specs ! :P

The specs that i bought online. :D

When i put it looks kinda funny on me.
Hello everyone ! I'm back to update my blog. :D It's been a week plus since i last update. Recently,i've done an online shopping. I bought these specs. hehe. :P nice right ? I bought 2 specs. One is these big specs. And the other one is shades. :P Both colour is pink ! But i will stop online shopping now. Cause i scared that my money will burn. hehe. These days,i cant have a proper sleep. I cant sleep at night. I dont know why lah. I dont know what i am thinking. Susah sgt nak tdo. Ade je bende yg mengacau mlm2. Ish ! Tak best btul la ! Haish ! :P

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