Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Movie plus lunch !


Hello everyone !
                              I'm back after 2 weeks of not updating. I've nothing to upload actually. Blank mind. Well,i've quite number of stories to tell you. Firstly,i've already quit work. Job hopper. hmm...i've been finding a part-time job. They havent called me for an interview yet. Haish. Susah pe nak call. Last tuesday,i went out with Aisyah. We watch MIB3 ! Woohoo ! It's kinda funny. I treat her for the movie. Then she pay for the popcorn. :D We watched the movie at Yishun NorthPoint. I booked the ticket online. The movie started at 1pm. Ended about 3pm. After the movie,we went back to Northpoint to eat. She treated me Seoul Garden ! :D It's our first time eating at Seoul Garden,so we were actually blur. haha. I know,we have to pay first before eating. I had a great time with her. ! I bought something from a Gift A Name shop. I paid for the item myself. Then next i bought a Watch for myself too. A new watch. S Shock. :D It cost me about $19.90. But i love the watch ! Cause it's pink ! After much shopping, went back home. As soon as we reach serangoon station, we went on our own ways. She lived near the Nex mall. And as for me,i've to take the Bus home. I reach home at 6pm. I was so tired,but i still do the laundry. And fyi,i didnt sleep on the previous day and i stay on 24hrs. And i slept early that yeah. And the story goes by....

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