Sunday, May 20, 2012

We die alone mahh...

While i'm writing this...i just could control my tears. It's a sad monday morning for me. I just dont know why..everything seems upside down.  I just felt that i'm bein' lonely. You die,also alone.  Mati pun sorang maah...mind my words. I speak what my mind has to say. I throw that feeling out of me.
You know,it sucks to be lonely. Everytime,go out alone. Got a friend,but also no used. No one asked me out. All busy with work life and study. I've to understand them what...they will never understand me...they ignore me ignore them like they did lor. They dont know,how i felt. Now,i let them feel the way i feel lor. Kena rejected and didnt talk. I simply ignore them,when they text me. So,u know how i feel right? The best feeling when being ignore. Kate je,kalau ade prob...u can find me. Then..when i come to you...mcm2 alasan kena smack dgn. All busy with work life maah...mane nak layan all ignore me like i'm a wall. Best sgt. No one bother to sms or call me,when i'm sad. No one even asked. Sume buat hal masing2. Im the only one,that care for u all. But no one notice that. You all treat me like i'm nothing. Then,after much...i get scolded for caring. I'm used to it maah...My last words will be " When i'm gone,please do take care of urself..."

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