Thursday, July 19, 2012

A slice of cake,means alot for me..

Hey peeps..
It's me again. I'm blogging for tonight's post. I'm officially 20 all grown up...
Nothing special about today. But i just wana thank my mum for everything she does for me. She know's what is in my heart. She can read the words on my face. She can tell if i'm happy or sad. She sacrifies alot of me. Although she is sick,she still make me going out with me. I was a little down. We went to hougang mall earlier on. She bought me a cake. A slice cake. With a candle. She even bought me a New Wallet for my birthday. Thanks ibu <3 I love her. She sang a birthday song for me. Who know's it will be my last 20 ? Even i didnt celebrate it with my whole family...ibu is still the best. I want her to be the proudest mum...i want to make her happy. For i'm 20 now,i promise i will take care of her..till the day i held my last breath. Ibu,thank you for everything...without you in my world,i dont know..what my life would be like. You stood by me always. I never put on a smile on your smile on your face sometimes. But,i'll promise you...from now onwards,you will be wearing a smile. Ibu,forgive me..if i'm being so rebellious to you sometimes. But i know,in your love me. You always wanted the best in me. But i've turn you down. I'm always giving you trouble. But yet,you didnt gave up on me. Ibu,thank you for including me in your prayers. I would never asked anything from you...i pray that you will recover soon. (: Love you mum...please dont forget me,when i'm gone one day... ="(

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