Monday, August 27, 2012

Hari raya 2012 story & the Pain is killing me sofly!

Hello peeps ! It's been like ages since i last updated my blog. :D I would like to wish all my malay readers Selamat Hari Raya ! (: For this year hari raya,i dont feel the excitement. I dont know why. It's like so different from previous years. Last saturday,i went jalan raya with all my cousins. All take the bus. I mean not the SBS bus. hehe. Lots of fun. Took alot of pictures. We are all so happy. We finished jalan raya only at 930pm. There are a few houses that we didnt go,because they are not at  home. So,that means we didnt play fire crackers. We didnt go to the oldest kampung. At lorong buangkok. Did you know that singapore have the oldest kampung that is situated at lorong buangkok ? (: yeah. The last house that we go is at paris ris. My aunty house. So,the next day...we jalan raya again. With my family. We go to my sister and brother in laws house. Then we go to my aunty house. Actually,my family didnt meet my aunty for so long time. That was the first time. I dont know why we didnt meet . I was so shocked that when i saw her and my 2 cousins...seriously!! They have all grown up. Not like last time,we used to run around like crazy. hehe. I miss those times. I wish we didnt grow up. Oh ya..we only went to four houses. Cause my brother has to work at night.,yeah. There rest of the days we stayed at home. My mum is sick. Must take care of her. Oh btw,i've something to tell you all. I was hospitalised last week too. It's a long story. But let me tell you why i was hospitalised ok ? It was on tues,i went out with my BFF. We go out to watch movie and jalan2. But before the movie started,we had lunch first. I dont know what is the restraunt name,but it's the new restraunt at vivo city. At level B1. We eat there. At first,nothing happened. I had a bad stomach pain,while watching movie. My stomach was so painful that i couldnt even walk. I didnt tell my friend that i was sick. I just act normal. I dont want her to worry. To cut the story short,i took the bus home. But i cant make it,because the pain was so unbearable from me. So,i decided to call my dad to fetch me. He did. At home,i took the pain for gastric. But it didnt work for me. So,we went to the doctor. The doc gave me 2 japs. It didnt take long,and i vommited out ! So,he have no choice but to refer me to the hospital. So,he wrote a letter than my dad drove me to ttsh A&E. The doc,did x-tray and found so chemical thing in my body..i dont know what is it. But he said that i might have eaten something raw that makes my stomach very2 pain. Actually,the doc at A&E wanted to discharged me. But upon seeing my condition,he said i should be hospitalised. Lucky,i stayed there for 2 days only ! :D I was bein' put on a drip. To let my stomach rest. As i think back,i think i've eat the chicken and it's not properly cook. You know,my stomach cant take in foods that is raw and spicy. If not i will stomach upset and yes,you know what is going to happened next. I know myself better. And if they pain is there,the feelin would be sucks.

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