Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thank you SCDF for saving my life and not forgetting the chinese lady who was there for me throught out the whole thing

Good evening fellow readers.
I'm here again,to write in my thoughts. Just this week,there is one particular day that makes me pissed off. It happened last tuesday. Sighs. That evening. For lives that i could remember. 14/07/12. That date and day i could remember forever. It happened at night. It wasnt planned. It happened that very night. I nearly lost my life. I dont wana explain any further,but i had an asthma and nearly lost my life. Lucky there is a an SCDF fire post nearby. I mean is fire post. It all happened at serangoon central.Yeah. All the abg2 fireman semua panic ! I fainted cause my chest dah terlalu sakit and i was breathin' quite heavy. I blackout for a min. Yeah. But i didnt go hospital. I wasnt force. The paramedic check me. All was fine,except that i need to control my breathing. ok,let me tell how i get asthma. Firstly,it's not a joking matter. I had asthma since i was small. I was out somewhere on that very day. And i only got home at night. At that time i was rather not feeling well. I was having light headed and i couldnt even stand straight or walk. And some strangers look at me and just walk away. They dont even bother to asked. They saw me in the painful situation but they just walk away. Until...there is an uncle who saw me and he asked a lady to asked me what happened. I told her that im having an asthma and she decided that she will bring me to the nearest clinic. I was walking half way and i couldnt even catch my breathing. My hands went numb and my legs too. So,the uncle help was to call the fire fighters. In the end,i blackout. The lady stayed with me until the whole thing is over. so kind right ? I never came across and person who is so helpful and she stayed with me until i got home. She even wanted to accompany me to the hospital. OMG ! So kind. I wish i wasnt troubling her from the start. And i wish that all things only happened in my dream. But thankfully,i wasnt convey to the hospital. She send me back until home. Well,that is what a stranger does. I dont even know her. She is a chinese lady. All thanks to her and the fire fighter. If not for them,i could have died. Thanks a millon guys ! You all made me realised important things. The most important of all is the "kindness" part. :D Cheers !

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