Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Civil Defence Tour (:

Hello peeps. I'm back ! (: There's so much things happening to my world. Which you people dont even know. I prefer to keep it low profile. I dont wanna tell the whole world about my problem. Well,let's get straight to the point. Yesterday,i went out with irah. I wanted to go to funan to repair my iphone. Then the iphone shop,changed to i dont know what shop it called. So,i go there for nothing. sighs. Wasted trip. But,we had our lunch at Macdonals. I dont have anything in mind to eat already. So,fast food was the only choice. After eating lunch,both of us went for a walk. Actually,we dont have any idea of where to go. We walk,until we come across..a civil defence heritage gallery. I suggested that we go in. It's free admission anyway. So,i go in and asked if it's open and to make sure it's free. To double confirm it. (: It was so cold inside. Enjoy aircon. Anyway,irah and me...have a great fun there. Looking at the old days...and learning from the pass. We had so much fun there. I was like a reporter asking the WO so many questions. I wanted to know the history...i feel so great learning and getting to know more about the history. (: It's friendly WO is a malay. And there is a medic who sits at the counter. Well,teengers like us are learning. I never pass social studies in primary school anyway. haha. Well,i've nothing much to say. It's already Magrib and time for prayers. (:
A post with the singapore fire brigade

I was about to turn on the water..

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