Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Mum ! :D

Hello peeps ! I'm back ! First of all,i would like to wish my mum a Happy 58 Birthday ! May Allah bless her. I love her so much....I also pray that she will recover soon. (: It's a boring weekdays for me. I stayed at home much. I'm finding a job over the internet. Hopefully,i find a job that i'm really kin to work in. I wana do some part time job. Oh..this coming thursday,i'm going out with my BFF !! Yay ! I dont know where are we going. hehe. She is the one who asked me,so i think she should have the plan of where to go. We also wanted to find a job together. (: We are so close ! Oh..i'm also planning a day to go out with irah. I've not meet her for so long !! Since she's been busy with school and exams. I dont know about dinah yet. It's not easy to meet her these days. She's also been busy with school and exams. I miss them ya know. They are my loyal primary sch friends. So,some of you are still in the hari raya mood uh ? Still left 2 weeks more. I've not done with visting,some of my dad's relatives. Ok,let me tell you something. I know,this is simply going to be out of the topic. I'm really telling you that i hate nigeria people. Wanna know why ? They could cheat us. They promise us this and that..and in the end they use us to deliver drugs. What the hack right ?! This is all scams. They can claim that they liev in india or what so ever country...and when these scams keep on rolling,we could even find out that they are from nigeria. Bad ass. Dont ever fell for that trap. Becareful of them. Esp,who are you friending at facebook. It can be dangerous ya know. I dont have lots of fb friends,aniwae. I'm always careful of these. When someone wana add me as a friend at fb,i'll check their identity first. If i find them,suspicious..i would auto block them. And i would not accept them as a friend. I dont want myself to get into their stupid trap. I take precautionary. I'm not like those type of people,who just accept people to be on their friend list,without checkin' their profile seriously. These type of people who add you is the one who had suggested list. Please be wary of these. Your safety comes first. These people in fb,would hack into your acc ya know. Practice this,ok people ? Before acceptin' them in your friend list...check their profile first. Dont anyhow,accept. You might not know,what are these people are up to. Good luck ! :D

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