Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hey all. I'm back. I'm updating my blog again. And alot of things happened last week. I went out with my sister to bishan Junction 8. We had pastamania for lunch. Yummy. I had pizza. It was so spicy. HOT ! I had strawberry mint of drink. hehe. :P After lunch,we go jalan-jalan. My sister wanted to go popular. So,i follow her. And i bought my niece a bear. I bought myself a bear too. ELMO ! :D I dont know why,i like ELMO so much. Oh,on Monday...i went out with irah. We went to watch movie. "TED". It was a very funny show. !!! hahaha. And it's M18. The movie have "R" scene. We watched the movie at Vivo city. I paid $8 for the ticket. She paid $7. Cause she is a student. I'm not a student. But it was worth the money. The movie started at 215pm. So,we had about 1hr and 15mins. We went downstairs to walk about...before the movie started. To cut the story short,after the movie ended..we decided to eat dinner and go home after that. It was a good outing and she is currently,planning for our outing next week. I mean with my other friends. (: I'm still sick for now. I had runny nose. I was down with fever 2 days ago. But my fever finally,go down. As for now,i need to drink more warm water..rather than ice water. My runny nose has not recover yet. So,yups. Need to take panadol. (: But,it's non-drowsy. Cause if i go doctor...he will give me the yellow pill. And it's drowsy. I dont want to go doctor. hehe. :P ok,i'm outz !

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