Monday, September 24, 2012

Movie alone...

Hello all ! It's been quite a long time since i never update. Really,i watch a movie alone. I watch a horror movie. "The Possession". :D It was a real scare. I love horror movies. I watch the movie in the morning. And i get back home after watching it. I've been followed,after the movie! An indian guy who sat next to me,during the movie. Not alot of people watching it. Only 5 person. And there is alot of space! I wander if he know's where i am sitting also. I was being stalk by him ! Yikess. I hate it. He even talk to me. I dont even talk to somebody whom i dont even know. :$ That awkward moment. I've nothing eles to update. I'll update again next week. Tomm,i'm going out with irah. :D I dont know where shall we go..

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