Monday, October 1, 2012

Hi all ! (: I'm about to write in for now. It's been at least 3 weeks since i last updated my blog.
Today is the 1st October 2012. I pray that everything will be going as well. Amin (: oh,before i's 15 days away to my 2 years anniversary. Alhamdullilah. He's perfect for me. I wouldnt asked for any better. Our anniversary is on the 15/10/12. I'm saving my outing for next next monday. I dont know where we will be going. I really have no idea. haha. He's planning on it. Let it be,his suprise now. I havent get his present yet. Ya allah,what shall i get for him? Give me,an idea pleasee..hmm,what do guys like? Ok,let me think of something first. hmm,i'll blog again sometimes. It's Magrib already. I need to pray. Allahu Akbar ! :D

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