Saturday, October 6, 2012

Random post today :D

Hi peeps! I feel like blogging today. But,i've no idea of what to write. hmm...maybe i should start writing in about yesterday. I was at Nex serangoon. I cut hair my hair and do some hair treatment. It took about 45 mins. After i finished doing my hair..i bought something from kiji..or whatever it spells. My mum asked me to buy laksa for her. So i bought it soon after. I head home,after that. I didnt know it was raining,and i didnt bring umbrella. The rain wasnt that heavy anyway. It was light. I didnt think of anythin then. I just walk. To cut the story short,while i was walking under a block...i saw my friend. My secondary school friend. I didnt talk to her since then. We used to be best friends,but something happened along the way..which i dont wanna eleborate here. I dont wanna say much here. Nevermind la. It's really up to her. I dont wanna get involved in her life.
Now it's me and my life. I'll forget about everything. I wanna start afresh with new people. I dont need my sec sch friends anymore. I can live on my own now. My primary school friends are the best ! :D They are the once's who understand me. Give me support thru out my life. ;D My boyfriend is the best person that i've in my life. (: I love him dearly. No matter what,happened..we are always there for each other. What am i going thru in my life now,it's not easy. Well,in life there's up and downs. It's either we enjoy it or not. All we have to do is to pray Allah,for the best. Ok,i've done solat Magrib. Alhamdulillah. (: oh btw,tomm is sun rite? I'm going to JB! With my fave aunty ! yay yay! I wanna jalan2 and free my mind from all this. hmm..abah is back home. And i'm gonna have my dinner ! see you soon! xD

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