Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sleepless nights,and i cant go on like this everynight.

Hi all....
It's been weeks since i last updated my blog. I dont know what to write actually. But let me start writing in. It's been a few weeks,since i really had a goodnight sleep. Everytime,when i want to close my eyes..it wont allow me. Sampai stress aku ! urggh. What can i do in the middle of the night ? Watch tv? Boring. All i could do is to,lay down on my bed...and stare at the ceiling. ish3 !!
Sampai tertido sendiri. Serious! So,today i told myself i had enuf. I cant go on sleepless everynight right ? So i go to 7 eleven and buy GaBaNite. It will help me to relax and sleep well at night. If that drink is good,then i can recommend to you people. So,let me try first. :D But i dont think,it will work on some people. Let me give it a try. I'll update tomm. :D

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