Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I had to send my mum to hospital everyday,and moviee with my cuzzie !

Hey all ! :D It's been such a long time since i last updated my blog. I dont have the time to do so.
So,many things happening in life. Well,mum got to do radiotheraphy again. For one month. That means,i will have to accompany her to the hospital everyday. Tiring uh. I cant really go out for the next one month. Probably,i can go out in the middle of december. Susah sey mcm gini. Sighs...but what to do? The hospital wont allow her to stay in the ward for one month lor. Mum doesnt want to take the mrt. She's not that feeling well. So,we have to take the taxi everyday. But not on sat&sun la. The clinic is not open on weekends. So,yeah..and i watched twilight breaking dawn part 2 yesterday ! I watched it with my cousins. At somerset.#TeamEdward ! How i wish i was bella. If only...i'm bella,i would definately be vampires for lifes. Ok,i really wanna watch breaking dawn again. Until i got bored. :P hehe..I wana buy the DVD if it's out. ok la..i've nothing to say already. goodnites!

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