Thursday, November 8, 2012

November's raining everyday !

Harlow everyone. Assalammualaikum..
It's november,and it's raining season,today,i went out with my best friend. We went to hougang one to apply for a job. We wanted to apply for a job at NTUC,but when i check the internet..they need to much qualifications. ya allah...knape banyak sangat qualifications :( But never the less,we gave up. I keep on searching for a job. I apply part time job at japan shop. Home japan. Hopefully,they will call me and accept me in. Inysa'allah. Ya allah,kau permudahakan aku mencari kerja yang halal. Amin. I need a job immediately. Ibu say's to me,jangan mudah kita berputus asa. Kuatkan iman. Kalau ada rezeki,kau dapat lah kerje. (: Insya'allah,rezeki yang halal. Hmm..besok kena teman ibu pergi chemoteraphy.'s gonna be a  long day at the hospital. I better sleep early,cause tomm must go out at 9am. Take a cab. Ibu doesnt want to take the mrt. She's not that well. ya allah,sembuhkan ibu,berikan dia kekuatan dan keimanan. Amin. Ohya,i must bring jacket too. It's damn cold inside,and if it's's more cold. :/ brrr...ok la,i've to go and sleep. Nites ! And one more last thing,i bought some DVD's. Thailand horror movies. The uncle keep on asking me to buy. In the end i bought 7 DVD's. He gave me 5% discount. I spend all my $$. :( I must not tell ibu about this. She will definately scream at me,if she knows. So,that's why i need a job immediate. I cant wait any longer. sighs...

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