Saturday, December 15, 2012

A good news for my family~!

Hello (: I'm back to blog again. Sorry...ive not been able to update since my last post. I've been very buzy. My mum was admitted to the hospital and i've to go hospital everyday. Tired uh. But,i'm just glad that she's doing fine now. Alhamdullilah. And guess what? I've a good news ! There's a buyer for our house. (: Finally,after 1 year..we waited for someone to buy our house. And we  finally sell our house just last week ! A chinese buyer. And yes ! We can start searching for a house,after chirstmas ! I was so happy ! I can have my own room painted in pink. (: Ohh...we are going to shift house next year mid april or may. So,i must start packing our stuff soon. There's so much to do,but it's gonna be exciting ! yay ! We will be looking at houses in the north-east area too. Maybe to Ang mo kio,serangoon central or toa payoh. (: But i still prefer serangoon central. Which is nearest to the mrt. We are downgrading to 3 room. So i can have my own room. And the house could be smaller la. :D I wanted serangoon central because it's very near to my best friend house. And it's gonna be a shorter route to Nex and others. So,that's the good news ! I was so happy...and i wanna get it done asap. So,we can renovate the house a little bit. The kitchen area and my room...hehe. If possible. But certainly,i'm gonna miss my old house. I grew up at serangoon north. For 20 years. But,next year..i'm gonna be 21 there. So,yups. That's about all :D

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