Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hi everyone. Just kinda bored and hungry. I dont know what to do right now. Feeling a little sad and my mind is disturbed. I really dont know,what is bordering me right now. I had a bad dream last night. But i dont wanna talk about it. And besides,i hate it. I want to talk to about my best friend. Her name is aisyah. She's my ite best friend. We always go out together. Watch movie together and find work together. At times,we could chill and talk about stuff. We always treat each other. When we go out,she will treat me lunch or movies. And at times,i treat her back. We dont mind sharing. We never fight. She understand me. I remember the times,we eat at seoul garden...she paid for me. When she's working at hougang green gaurdian,i would go there and accompanied her since she's working alone. We even met each other,after i ended my shift as that time i was still working at swensens. We could have dinner at Nex mall and after that we could go home. The best moments is when we watched movie together. We watch "the dark knight rises". It was at vivocity. And the movie ended late. Sometimes,when i'm in the wrong i would apologise and i'll forget about it. Guess what? We are meeting again this saturday! We are going to watch movie at bishan junction 8. She is treating me. (: Yay! Thanks babe. That's what i called a friend. She will never forget me. I treasure my friendship with her. ohya,her birthday falls on Valentine's day on feb 14th. I wanna buy something for her. Babe,i want you to know that you're not alone on ur b'day ok (: I'm here for you. Although i know you from ite,i feel like i've known you for years! You've been there for me always. And i wanna say thank you for everything. I pray to Allah that our friendship will last till forever... (:

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