Thursday, January 3, 2013

Moving out to our new house!

Hello peeps ! I feel like blogging today,cause everyone in my family is happy including me. (:
We are all going to have a new house ! I just cant wait because i'm finally gonna have my new room. I just hope everything will be ok and yes,kakak promised me that i can have my room painted in pink ! That's always been my favourite colour. So,our new house will be at serangoon too! But now,it's a walking distance from nex mall. There's also a nearby mrt. yay! hehe. And behind our house is nanyang JC. Cool right? hehe. From my kitchen view i can even see the football field. Our house will be on the 6th story. And it's very windy. It's a very old house anyway,but i like the house cause it's cheaper. So,for this month...i'll be very busy with packing with stuff and all. And we downgrade to 3 room. Well,from our old house to our new house is just 5 mins drive. haha. But the nearest mrt to my new house is lorong chuan. I'm glad that my parents like that house. My room doesnt even have a wardrobe at the first place. Cause HDB take everything down. But as soon,as i moved room will have a wardrobe. ohh..not forgetting...i cant take the master bedroom. That's because my parents are having that room. I'm taking the bedroom along the corridor. Its scary uh. But most importantly,i will look into the neighbours. Must be eco-friendly ok? We still need to renovated the whole house. The kitchen,toliet and etc. I cant wait to be in that house,cause i can feel the excitement after all. ok,thats all for now! Cheers!

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