Friday, February 8, 2013

It's been a month since i last blog...

hey ya people. It's been like almost a month since i last updated my blog. I dont feel like blogging anyways. Oh ya. I recently bought a new phone. My desired samsung galaxy S3! I dont know which siblings of mine told my dad that i wanted to changed to a new phone. He suddenly,came in my room and asked me "What phone you wanted to changed"? I was like....What? I asked my 1st sister,if she had told him that. She said No. I waited for One year to buy this phone. Actually,it was supposed to be my birthday present for last year. My sister and brother promised me to buy,in the end never buy for me. I asked them a few times. Even on that day,when we had dinner for my 1st sister's birthday. My brother bought samsung note for himself. It's so unfair. He buy that and simply forget's about my birthday present. He had 2 phones. He's using iphone and that note. I got jealous sometimes. Haish. But i always learn to bersyukur for what i had. Alhamdullilah. I think S3 will be my last phone. I dont wanna changed anymore. It's superb.! I got attached to it,since i bought it for the first day. My dad yang belikan. Not me. I'm not working for now. Oh ya,i'm moving house this june. It's a double comfirm. So,i got my own room painted in pink and my own bed. hehe. So,i'll be busy now. Superwoman in the house!! wee. I've got to help packed the stuff. As well and my stuff. I'm gonna throw some unwanted things away. I will keep the rest of my stuff. My dvd's and books. I dont have enough space to dump everything in my new home. My new house will be smaller,cause we downgrade it to 3 room. So yeah. I'll be staying near lorong chuan mrt. That's already near. keke. And i'll have many access to the shops. Alhamudullilah. Masih ada tempat berteduh. There's a roof on top of my head. Syukur. OK la,thats all for now. tata!

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