Thursday, March 28, 2013

3 months left to moved out from serangoon north! My new house is gonna be awesome!

Yo people. Its been like so long since i last blog. Sorry. I wasnt feeling to well,and im busy stuff. I've so many stories to tell here,but i cant remember what it is. Ohh...just last 2 weeks ago my cousin got engaged. And this saturday,i'll be going for his wedding at sembawang. And we are gonna moved out soon. My family has started packing up. I ordered 3 boxes to put all my stuff. So,i dont to used so many boxes. Instead,i used my own. I ordered them online. From Qoo10. The shipping is from korean. Thats far,and come to consideration my item will only arrived about 1 week. So,once i have received the item i will have to started packing my own things and put it inside the box. Then i will help to clear up the room. Like i will have to start packing up the clothes. We have to clear the my room first. Then followed by ibu's room and abah's room. Then the store room and kitchen will be the last. The living room also. My things inside ibu's room had been clear. The cupboard is empty now. hehe. I'm gonna miss this house. ='( I grew up here. I'll have to guess that im celebrating my 21st birthday in my new house? A fresh start? Insya'allah. I just cant wait to moved out. I wanna get it done,asap. That means,if i wanna go nex...its just a walking distance. I can walk or either i take the bus. I have alot of things to buy for my new room. Like,paint the wall pink colour which is my fave colour. Then,my new cupboard and my own bed. My room is not very spacious. It's small. In a square shape. My ibu's room is quite big. Master bedroom mah...we downgrade to 3 room the house is not very spacious. My room is facing the corridor. And there's a lift on going renovation. Alamak...that means its gonna be a little noisy. haish. Nevermind. As long as,i have a house to live in. Our new house will be on the 6th floor. I'm so happy!! yay!! Finally i get my own room and my own bedroom colour. hehe...

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