Monday, July 8, 2013

It's been like months since this blog is un-updated.

Hey ya! It's been like a gazillion months since i last update my blog. I have been busy lately and i have eventually moved into my house. There is so much things to unpacked and's very tiring for us here. My house looks nice compared to my old house. hehe :P Thanks to plus interior design for the new looks in our house. I like the kitchen part. And yes,there's so much things for me to write in about. :P But it's gonna be so long,as if that i am writing in an essay. Let me tell you something! I love my own room! Pink walls and a white beige wardrobe. I love it! I also have my own single bed now. And i have a new washing machine. :D I miss my old house at times. I wanna go back there. But sadly,i cant. Cause it's not my house anymore. hehe. Ok,i'll update again soon ya. Tata for now! Oh before i forgot, to all sister's and brother's in islam,Selamat berpuasa and have a blessed ramadhan. (:

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