Tuesday, July 23, 2013

She left us,during ramadhan and it's on my birthday

Dear diary,
Sometimes, it's left better unsaid. It happened last friday. It was on my birthday, when ibu left me. :"( She's in heaven now. I just turn 21 last week and she left me excactly on my birthday. I cried. I couldnt control my tears anymore. I love her so much. And i really do. Ibu was the best person, ever. She would protect me, when i got scolding from my dad. She would do everything to protect me. But she's gone now. It's been 3 years since, she hold on to this sickness. Abah said,it's better for her to go,then to see her suffering too much. I couldnt believed it. I woke up in the morning , to see her. And her breathing was not as per usual. I called her name, "ibu"...but she didnt response to me. She was asleep the whole day and weeks. She didnt even woke up. She didnt even drink or take any food. She's been lying on the bed all the time. She have no strength to do anything at all. But Allah loves, her more than i do. He takes her with HIM. I am staying strong. In the house right now,left only me and dad. I have a maid, but if she go back to her hometown...then i'll be very lonely. But for the sake of abah, i'll not let him down. My mum passed away on friday during ramadhan. Which is a good day. Terlepas dari fitnah kubur. For this hari raya, it's very lonely not to have her around with us. But on the first day of raya, we will go and visit her.
"Ya allah, kau tempatkanlah roh ibuku di kalangan orang yang beriman dan bertakwa".
Al-fateha buat ibu

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