Friday, January 3, 2014

Going for holiday ! yay !

Hello peeps ! It's been so long since I last update my blog. I don't have the mood at times. I'm so excited for my holiday on the 11th January 2014. Medan , Indonesia here I come ! I'm going to stay at my nenek sedara house. :D Kampung style. I'm going there for about 8 days. I'm going to take Jetstar airplane. Yay ! I have yet to packed my stuff for holiday. I can packed on Friday night , as I'm leaving on Saturday Morning. I should be at the airport at by 930am. Check in and everything , flight take off at 1040am. :D I'll be back on the 18th January 2014. I seriously , can't wait for my trip. I have so many things to plan and buy. Firstly , I wanna buy a DVD and a book. The book that I've been searching for in Singapore , doesn't have. I looked everywhere for it. I only can find this movie and book in Indonesia. Cause the movie is an Indonesian movie. It's called Habibie & Ainun. I watched the show in youtube , but it's not clear. I love the movie , cause it's about a love story. So sweet. hehehe. I can't wait to shop and eat Indonesian food. I also wanna go walk around the kota and explore. I need this holiday , and I need a break. I'm stuck at home and my thoughts will be wandering off , about mum. I still feel sad and i'm actually not looking forward to my birthday this year. How I wish , that date doesn't even exsist. But what to do , I have to face the facts. And dad is always going out and leaving me alone at home. I feel so lonely and my maid has been transferred to another employer. I don't need her anymore. There's nothing for her to do also. So we decided to changed her employer. And im always alone at home. I have been searching for a job and currently still looking for a job now. I want to start work after I come back from my holiday. Oh ya , I seldom log into facebook , because it's boring in there. Many people still send me game request as I already told them upteen times , I don't play facebook games anymore. I have alots of games notifications , and page request. I just don't like it lah. Irritating lah. I'm more on twitter and Skype nowadays. I chitchat with my friends in Skype more than I online in facebook. Too bored. Haish. Hmm..ok lah. that's all for today. till next time ! tata !

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